October 4, 2020

‘You’re an absolute menace’ – drink-driver caught while on bail for 2 offences

'You're an absolute menace' - drink-driver caught while on bail for 2 offences

A DRIVER stopped by police was nearly double the drink-drive limit.

Blackburn magistrates heard Tabassum Shah was already on bail awaiting sentence on two offences of failing to provide a specimen for analysis.

Remanding him in custody to be sentenced on all matters District Judge Margaret McCormack described Shah, of Railway Street, Nelson, as “an absolute menace” as far as motor vehicles were concerned.

“Your record is appalling and you seem not to care that you are driving potentially lethal weapons,” said District Judge McCormack.

John Rusius, defending, said his client had managed to get work at a garage and he had been asked to take a car for a test drive.

“It was only round the block but that is enough,” said Mr Rusius.

“He realises he has put himself in a difficult position having committed this offence while awaiting sentence for two others.”

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