September 27, 2020

Prisoner goes missing after granted bail to attend his father’s funeral

Prisoner goes missing after granted bail to attend his father's funeral

Prisoner goes missing after granted bail to attend his father's funeral


Police are searching for Samuel Sulusi.

A prisoner granted bail to attend his father’s funeral has gone missing.

Sam Sulusi, 27, was granted bail to the funeral of his father Laki in Hawke’s Bay on Friday.

He has not returned to custody and police have issued a warrant for his arrest.

They have warned that he should not be approached.

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Laki Sulusi, 47, was serving a sentence of four and a half years in jail for possession and supply of methamphetamine. He was granted compassionate leave to return home to die earlier this month.

The Napier man was jailed in 2016, at which time he was given an 18-month discount to his sentence due to his ill- health and grim prognosis unless he received a liver transplant.

Laki Sulusi, who was wheelchair-bound, had a significant and varied criminal history dating back to 1991.

He appeared before the Parole Board on September 8 this year.

At the compassionate leave hearing, the board heard that Sulusi had suffered health issues for 25 years and was spending five hours on dialysis every second day.

“Mr Sulusi has told the medical practitioners treating him, a Parole Board hearing previously undertaken and the Department of Corrections that it is time to stop,” the board said in its written decision.

If he stopped dialysis his condition would quickly deteriorate, and he would die.

The board noted that “one of the difficulties in such a referral” was that Sulusi’s decision to cease treatment would result in his death.

“It will ultimately be for the board to decide whether or not there is sufficient certainty about Mr Sulusi’s choice to make a final decision about his release,” the board said.

Laki Sulusi was released to an approved address on September 14, where he could spend his final days.

He was not to contact any of his victims and was not to communicate or associate with anyone in the Mongrel Mob unless he had written permission of a probation officer.

Laki Sulusi died last Tuesday.

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