July 26, 2020

“People Protection Plan” Coalition Marches Against NY Bail Refor – FOX 40 WICZ TV

"People Protection Plan" Coalition Marches Against NY Bail Refor - FOX 40 WICZ TV

Earlier today activists marched through downtown Binghamton to protest a legislative proposal by Southern Tier Sheriffs. Regional law enforcement authorities are calling for revisions to the New York Bail Reform Law to further protect those in uniform while in the field. Some of the revisions proposed earlier this week includes making approaching an officer within 25 feet while they are conducting their duties, harassing an officer with any substance or object, a false accusation of wrongdoing against an officer, and publishing private information of an officer a class D felony.

Local coalitions including Citizen Action, J.U.S.T, P.L.O.T and Truth Pharm created the “People’s Protection Plan” to respond to these changes in a peaceful manner. Over 100 people marched from the Peacemakers Stage to the Broome County Courthouse in order to voice their opinions about the social and racial inequalities that has been shown across the country.

“I believe it’s every citizens responsibility to protect our freedoms and our rights in our country. Those right have not been afforded to everyone ever, that’s the reality in terms of why we say “Black Lives Matter” because the freedoms that have have not been extended to that community yet.” Says Alexis Pleus, Member of the People’s Protection Plan.”

The coalition plans on marching again later this week in four different cities including Norwich, Delhi, Owego and Cortland.

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