August 30, 2020

Jordan Roman Brennan refused bail over alleged kidnap ordeal

Jordan Roman Brennan refused bail over alleged kidnap ordeal

One of the men accused of the violent kidnapping of an Ipswich businessman and his model girlfriend needs to be released to care for his pregnant partner, a court has been told.

Jordan Roman Brennan’s lawyer Michael Bosscher proposed strict bail conditions to satisfy the court, including a curfew, no-contact order and a ban on possessing phone encryption devices.

Bosscher said the 25-year-old needed to care for his girlfriend, who was 17 weeks pregnant and had been recently diagnosed with ovarian cancer.

media_cameraEduardus Groenewegen and Caroll Dufailly.

Brennan is facing up to 30 charges, including torture, deprivation of liberty, kidnapping and impersonating police, for offences described by crown prosecutor Rebecca Guppy-Coles as “extremely serious in nature”.

He applied for bail at Brisbane Supreme Court on Monday. He has been in custody since July.

Police allege Brennan was part of a group that broke into the home of businessman Eduardus Groenewegen and his girlfriend, Belgian model Caroll Dufailly, in October last year.

Jordan Roman Brennan refused bail over alleged kidnap ordeal
media_cameraBelgian model Caroll Dufailly in a photograph from her Instagram page. Picture: Caroll Dufailly Instagram

They allegedly posed as police officers before allegedly torturing them.

A phone encryption device is alleged to link Brennan to the offending at the time.

Mr Bosscher said the crown’s case against Brennan was “weak” as there was no evidence he possessed the phone at the time and the device in question had not been found.

“Those types of devices are readily transportable, it could have been in possession of any person,” he told the court.

Mr Bosscher argued the combination of the “weak” crown case, the legal delays and Brennan’s personal circumstances warranted his release.

Opposing bail, Ms Guppy-Coles said the alleged actions of Brennan and the co-offenders required “a high level of planning” and there were no conditions that could justify his release.

“The case is not weak as the applicant’s mobile phone registered against one of the encryption devices,” Ms Guppy-Coles said.

Justice Glenn Martin refused bail.

“I do not accept the description of the (prosecution’s) case as weak,” Justice Martin said.

“Circumstantial cases cover the wide variety of different strengths and weaknesses, but I do not accept for these purposes the case can be described as weak.”

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