July 16, 2020

Governor, don’t ask us to bail you out | News, Sports, Jobs

Governor, don’t ask us to bail you out | News, Sports, Jobs

To the editor:

Please, please, please Governor Timmy and Lt. Governor Flanagan. I live 150 miles away from the cities of St. Paul and Minneapolis and you will need to explain to me why I, and thousands and thousands of other citizens of Minnesota, as well as millions of citizens across the nation, are being made to pay for the problems that have been brought about by inept mayors and city councils and, may I say, YOU and like- minded political class of spend galleys? It’s sounding more and more like you are running a government sponsored charity than a government that protects our rights.

Churches and religious organizations did a very responsible and economic job of doing that in the past and since the government took over the charity business, costs to run government charities has skyrocketed, yet there is no improvement for the poor or homeless. The only improvements that I have seen for the last four or five decades now has been the improvement of the government buildings that more and more government bureaucrats occupy. The status of the bureaucrats has improved greatly over the years as well with organized union protections, better healthcare and retirement benefits than the private sector, guarantees or permanency in their employment and mostly, that they are a guaranteed permanent vote for politicians like you.

Most of the citizens of Minnesota had nothing to do with creating the problem of homelessness, or any of the other issues that have befallen those two cities. The responsibility falls directly on the mayors and city councils for ineptitude, carelessness, ignorance and outright stupidity in the operations of those two cities. They and you, as governor, failed miserably in your duties to protect the lives, freedoms, liberties and property if those citizens and businesses that were destroyed. You did nothing, the mayors did nothing, the city councils did nothing for over three days and nights!!!

I am sure that many of us citizens out here in “rock and cow” country would be willing to help the people most effected by the riots, but not through any government run agency. I am glad that President Trump and the fed refused to “bail” you guys out. You made your bed, now, sleep in it!!!

Roger Baumann


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