October 29, 2018

Bail Bonds Tampa Florida | 123 Presto Bail Bonds

Bail Bonds Tampa Florida | 123 Presto Bail Bonds

Don’t Spend An Extra Night in Jail!

Are you or a loved one facing jail time? Do you find yourself in the position of needing to post cash bail? Are you unsure of what the next steps to secure your immediate freedom? At 123 Presto Bail Bonding, our licensed and experienced professionals are readily available to immediately assist you no matter what time you are facing charges, day or night. We take the guesswork out of the process of posting bail. Our strong reputation of being on time, dependable, thorough, and professional means that 123 Presto Bail Bonding is your number one choice for bail services in Tampa, FL.

Our licensed bail bondsmen guarantee that you are our primary focus, making sure to acquire all the necessary documentation and specific details to your case. We get to work without delay and strive for the most effortless process available. We take every case for every client, without hesitation, providing a swift and efficient solution to make sure that you, or your loved one, are able to get an immediate release. At 123 Presto Bail Bonding, we do not pry into your personal life; our priority is to provide excellent service to each and every one of our clients, no matter the situation. Below is a brief list of the bail bonding services we provide in Tampa, FL.

Because your freedom is our number one goal, our bail bondsmen at 123 Presto Bail Bonding in Tampa, FL, are going to take your case no matter how big or small your charges, or how serious the felonies you may be facing. Life has many unknowns; bail bonding does not have to be one of them. We are dedicated to giving you the best service, prompt response, thorough action, and detail focused excellence you and your loved ones deserve. Do not hesitate to contact our licensed Tampa, FL, bail bondsmen at 123 Presto Bail Bonding and let us help you get your life back immediately.

DUI Charge

In the state of Florida, when you choose to drive under the influence of alcohol, any controlled substance, or any chemical substance will absolutely be considered a DUI. At 123 Presto Bail Bonding, we are so committed to providing you with the best possible scenario with uncompromising excellence, we know that you could very well be facing a misdemeanor or a felony charge. Depending on your specific case and the details tied to your case, the following is just some of what Florida is known for heavily prosecuting:

  • BAC of .08 to .14 (.02 for minors) you could be facing $500 to $1,000 fine
  • BAC above .14 you will be facing anywhere from $1,000 to $2,000 fine
  • Jail time
  • Community Service
  • Mandatory Treatment
  • Many other charges specific to your particular case

It is very important to understand, that if this is your second or third DUI offense in Florida, you will have a much more severe process to unpack. At 123 Presto Bail Bonding we are not deterred from any type of DUI case you may be facing. With many years of serving the Florida community, we are fully aware that the financial responsibility you now have will be great making it very important to our bail bondsmen to quickly assess your situation and get you released as effortlessly as possible.

You can expect to have the Florida Bail Commissioner to assess the following in reference to you or your loved one’s specific circumstances:

  • are you a flight risk
  • are you a danger to others
  • do you have past offenses
  • any other important factors they consider with your cash bail amount

Your cash bail amount will be the required cash amount you will have to pay in order to secure your freedom. It will need to be secured immediately, and often times the details can be overwhelming. This is where our licensed professional bail bondsmen are available to help you process and navigate as effortlessly as possible. At 123 Presto Bail Bonding, we know that you will need to make sure your assets are secure and your family is taken care of. Our consistent excellence speaks for itself, and we know that your trust and investment are invaluable. We are honored to partner with you in gaining your life and freedom back as quickly as possible, and with the least amount of resistance.

Aggravated Assault

Did you know that in the state of Florida, aggravated assault is defined as assault with a deadly weapon or the intent to commit a felony? This particular felony comes with the charge of felony in the third degree. At 123 Presto Bail Bonding, our licensed and professional bail bondsmen are trained and experienced in helping our clients process their individual cases when it comes to aggravated assault.

With the charges of aggravated assault being so serious in Florida, you will most likely not be in a position to post your own bail. The seriousness of them carries with it the highest price of bail over most other crimes. Depending upon your specific details surrounding your own case, you could be facing very serious charges that could encompass a twenty year prison sentence if you discharged a firearm while the aggravated assault was in progress. It is in your best interest to contact our bail bondsmen at 123 Presto Bail Bonding immediately so that we can assess your specific charges, secure your freedom, and help you navigate the unique steps of our bail in order to get you back to your life and the ones you love.

Because nearly every crime is eligible for bail, our licensed bail bondsmen are highly trained and experienced in providing you or your loved one with the most efficient and effortless process available to give you back your freedom as soon as possible. At 123 Presto Bail Bonding, we strive to exceed your expectations in every step of the bail process. Should you find yourself unable to financially meet the expectations of your bail, we will immediately process you through with only a fraction of the cost securing our licensed Florida bail experts. Our services are available to you any hour of any day, no matter the circumstances or situation. Let us partner with you or your loved one today, because your investment is valuable and our expertise is at your disposal.

Drug Possession

While the amount of people in the state of Florida addicted to drugs is staggering, so is the aggression that the state takes towards prosecuting drug possession. With fines of up to $10,000 and felony charges that carry years in prison, it is in your best interest to secure the professional and experience services of our licensed bail bondsmen at 123 Presto Bail Bonding in navigating your drug possession charges.

We know that the steep charges attached to drug possession charges can be extremely overwhelming and nearly impossible for you to pay for on your own. Our professional services at 123 Presto Bail Bonding are immediately available no matter day or night to help you gain your freedom as quickly and effortlessly as possible, being certain to reenter your life.

In Florida, there will be many factors that weigh the determination that the judge will use for sentencing your particular case for drug possession, especially since there are five specific controlled substances that contain the highest level of the most addictive drugs. While the top levels would include meth-amphetamines and heroin, just having under twenty grams in marijuana will guarantee you a charge of first degree misdemeanor. Below is a beginning list of what the judge will begin to assess when processing your specific case:

  • Intent to sell
  • Amount of the controlled substance
  • Type of controlled substance
  • How the substance was concealed
  • Did you cooperate with authorities

With 123 Presto Bail Bonding on your side, we guarantee that our excellence and professional experience will provide you with the most effective process for you and your unique circumstances. We know that this is a very emotional time and the anxiety that you or your loved one may be walking through trying to process the steps you need to take. Please do not hesitate to let us help you, as we know exactly what you are walking through and how to empower you the best possible way.

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