June 19, 2012

Bail Bonds Las Vegas, Nevada

Bail Bonds Las Vegas, Nevada

During a bail hearing in Nevada, the court listens to the case details and decides if the arrestee can be released till their court date hearing happens. In most cases, if the crime is not serious and you’re supported by a good attorney, it is possible to persuade the court to go easy on the bail amount.

A bail hearing is similar to the main trial, with the presence of a defense attorney and a prosecution. The process of arguments, evidence, and witness is also similar.

During the bail hearing, your attorney will try to present your case and request the court for release without bail or reducing the amount of the bail to an affordable level.

As a result of the bail hearing, the following decisions may be taken by the court:

  • Release without bail
  • Reduce the bail amount
  • Keep the defendant in custody

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