February 3, 2021

$200K bail for man accused of stabbing his wife

$200K bail for man accused of stabbing his wife

Trigger Warning: Details in this article are of a sensitive nature. Information includes that of graphic domestic violence. This article could trigger negative emotions or memories. 


A 46-year-old man, who was accused of stabbing his wife several times, was granted bail at $200,000 on the condition that he stays away from the victim. 

Matthew Dass appeared before Magistrate Indira Misir Gosine on Monday. He was charged by PC Flemming. Dass was represented by Gabriella Hernandez. 

He was charged with the offences of wounding with intent to do grievous bodily harm. 

The charge stemmed from an incident at the couple’s home in St Croix, Barrackpore, home on January 19. 

Bail was objected to by police prosecutor Sgt Shazeed Mohammed, as he noted the seriousness of the allegations and that the 44-year-old victim remained warded in a serious, but stable condition for injuries to her chest, abdomen, shoulders, and legs. 

However, after further submissions, bail was granted under the condition that Dass report to the Chaguanas Police Station three times a week, as well as stay away from the victim (remain at least 500 meters apart) after the court was informed that he would be moving to another location. 

The matter will next be called on March 1. 

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